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MassFed DOES NOT SUPPORT APHIS Rule Injunction/Lawsuit
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The members of the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners support rescue organizations and shelters in their efforts to aid both purebred and mixed breed dogs in need of re-homing. Our concerns are with the importation of large numbers of animals being brought into Massachusetts through the dog transit system. This system has been developed to bring dogs from southern states and outside the country for humane relocation. This concern stems from the potential for introducing disease into our state which might impact the health and safety of our canine community, as well as the human population. That potential has been demonstrated in the past, which prompted the introduction of the emergency orders. We applaud those agencies committed to finding homes for those pets that are in need. However, we feel strongly that it be done in a manner that is safe and caring for the individual dogs and puppies as well as guarding the general public of Massachusetts and their pets. Therefore, we support the bill that would extend and potentially expand the emergency orders put into place for this purpose by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture.


This Federation…

• Promotes and protects the interests of responsible dog owners.
• Actively assists and participates in local, state and national
legislation concerning dogs and dog owners.
• Brings such legislation to the attention of the membership
and the general public.
• Promotes responsible dog ownership.
• Uses all legal means to promote the general welfare of dogs and dog owners.
• Disseminates information and knowledge regarding dogs.

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