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Does your kennel/breed club belong?
Do you belong as an individual?
Are you helping to fight unfair dog legislation?
Are you helping your community pass dog ordinances
that all of us can live with?
Are you helping in the effort to maintain the existence
of “hobby” breeders as opposed to commercial breeders?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you
can start helping by becoming an active Member Club (see list below) or Individual Member of MassFed.

Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club
     Delegate Wendyll Behrend

Baystate Bullmastiff Club
     Delegate Stacey Gavin

Cape Cod Kennel Club
     Delegate John Capellina

Central New England Brittany Club
     Delegate Marilyn Gilman

Collie Club of New England
     Delegate Donna Caisse
     phone n/a

Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club
     Delegate Bonnie Chandler

Framingham District Kennel Club
     Delegate Gale Golden

Irish Setter Club of New England
     Delegate Luanne Witt

Ladies' Dog Club
     Delegate Virginia Rowland

Merrimack Lhasa Apso Club
     Delegate Arna B. Margolies

Middlesex County Kennel Club
     Delegate Heidi Currier Ferris

Minuteman Samoyed Club
     Delegate Diana Walther

New England Beagle Club
     Delegate Larry Mazza

New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
     Delegate Jean Gamble

New England Rottweiler Fanciers
     Delegate Margaret Bryan

New England Terrier Club
     Delegate Lin Falat

Newfoundland Club of America
     Delegate Janice Anderson

North Shore Kennel Club
     Delegate Holly Sheltry

Patriot Pug Dog Club
     Delegate Pamela Donaldson

Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
     Delegate Darci L. Brown

South Shore Kennel Club, Inc.
     Delegate Kyle Shaffer

Springfield Kennel Club
     Delegate Tom Davies

TarTan Gordon Setter Club, Inc.
     Delegate Pamela Haynes

Wachusett Kennel Club, Inc
     Delegate Julie Rembrandt Seeley

Wampanoag Kennel Club
     Delegate Naida Parker
     phone n/a

Worcester County Kennel Club
     Delegate Cynthia Stark

Yankee Siberian Husky Club
     Delegate John Kenney

With new dog legislation being worked on and introduced almost daily, we need to be extremely pro-active in order to ensure that our hobby/sport of breeding and exhibiting dogs is protected. Please review the list of member clubs link. If you belong to a club that IS NOT listed please print a copy of our latest newsletter, take it to your next club meeting and encourage your club to join MassFed. If you are not a member please consider joining MassFed as an individual. The larger our numbers grow and the more we communicate the better our chances become of stopping bad dog legislation.

We always welcome new members! Join MassFed!
MassFed publishes a newsletter sent to homes quarterly beginning February, May, August, and November as part of your membership. Volunteer opportunities are available during the year.

If you have news you feel is appropriate and supports the ideals of this organization, please submit it at any time to the newsletter editor via fax, USPS mail or e-mail.

MassFed News is a newsletter published February, May, August, and November by MFDC&RDO for members. Any portion may be reproduced in the newsletters of member clubs with appropriate credit to sources. Material reproduced from other sources or opinions expressed in this newsletter does not necessarily represent the official position of the Federation or its members. Please send correspondence to: Julie Rembrandt Seeley, Post Office Box 295, Harvard, MA 01451-0295; fax 978-456-8853, e-mail


MassFed Meeting Dates for 2018

October 25 (Thursday)
Board/Annual Meeting
Yangtzee River Restaurant
Littleton, MA

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10/25/18 Meeting Notice

MassFed Meeting Dates for 2019

February 21 (Thursday)
Board/General Meeting

March 6 (Wed) or 9 (Sat)
Position Paper Writing

April 3 (Wednesday)
Position Paper Writing

May 9 (Thursday)
Board/General Meeting

June 5 (Wednesday)
Position Paper Writing

July 24 (Wednesday)
Board/General Meeting

October 10 (Thursday)
Board/Annual Meeting

Note: Dates and locations subject to change based on facility and speaker availability.

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